Featured Services

School Management ERP helps to ease out Administrative acitivies which inturn increases productivity. Major modules includes:

  1. 1.Online Admission
  2. 2.Fee Payment.
  3. 3.Timetable generation.
  4. 4.SMS module.
  5. 5.Vehicle Tracking System.
  6. 6.Report generation, etc
SMS module provides a bond relation between the management, the staff and the parents via SMS in both the languages Tamil and English. We can use for

  1. 1.Daily home work.
  2. 2.Test and Result Notifications.
  3. 3.One Click SMS to all.
  4. 4.Specific SMS to all.
  5. 5.Emergency notification.
  6. 6.Auto SMS to Paid fee, etc
Barcode system provides a management friendly environment to generate barcode to all students and staff once barcode is created we can attached in their respectively ID card. By using Barcode ID card we can do attendance register and view profile for both student and staff . An accurate attendance is guaranteed.

  1. 1.Barcode generator.
  2. 2.Attendance register.
  3. 3.Student profile view.
  4. 4.Staff profile view, etc

Billing module provides a user friendly environment to create a new fee structure once the fee structure is created. Fee payment can be made and generate fee receipt for the students those who have paid their fee. An accurate result is guaranteed.

  1. 1.Fee receipt.
  2. 2.Paid fee report.
  3. 3.Non paid fee reports.
  4. 4.Session wise Paid fee report, etc.
Android applications playing a vital role in human life in Mobile Sector for each and every companies need android applications to have their applications in android.

  1. 1.Robotic seminars .
  2. 2.Robotic courses.
  3. 3.Robotic workshop .
  4. 4.Robotic projects, etc.
We are developing Eccommerce Site and We are creating website for all kinds of institutions and companies in both static and dynamic webpages.

  1. 1. Eccommerce Sites.
  2. 2. Dynamic Website.
  3. 3. Static Website, etc.
Designed and developed our Wi-Fi & Cloud-based biometric device which tracks the attendance of employees using fingerprint.

  1. 1.Wi-Fi & Cloud based.
  2. 2.Easy to configure.
  3. 3.Cheap & best.

How We Work

Our Team Leader Make Structures and Give Guide Developer to Implement
Developer, Team Leader and Executive Manager make Discussion to find out the prons and cons of the software.

Additional Info

After Completion of Project Testing Team will Put The Software under Testin to find out the Error,Bugs to Fix it all before demo of thethe Project
After Completion of Testing project will be upload to server for demo, it will be useful for client to find any changes to do before delivery of the project
After all Process Delivery of the software will be done by Executive Officer