Our Applications

School Management Software.

We are proud to introduce one of the most technically advanced and user friendly software for school management and administration automation. Our solution just not reduces the manual work and administration hassles, but also keeps the goodwill of your school by maintaining closer relationship with parents, students and staff.
Our School Management ERP provides the following benefits:
  • Establishes easy connectivity with parents and School management through our SMS module
  • Billing service is provided which can benefit a secured payment details regarding the fees paid.
  • Certificates like TC, Bonafide and Attendance can be generated in single software.
  • Reduces the monotonous task of administration
  • Online Admission System
  • Provides accurate reports for management
  • Mobile app
  • School Bus Management System
  • Centralised Database
  • Attendance Management

  • Bulk SMS Service

    We are providing both Transactional and Promotional SMS
    We also provide database of the customer to any specific regional circle. As Marketing is done via telephone and SMS services, it is a cost effective solution for Marketing.

    HR and IT Management.

    In HR management System employee can raise request which will be responded by HR for example: Leave Process, Loan Process, Salary Increments, Resignations etc. In IT management System employee can raise request regarding any issues with infrastructure such as Mouse, Keyboard, System Faults, CCTV faults etc and it will be response by IT Manager.

    Ecommerce Website.

    We are Developing Ecommerce Website
  • Admin Panel
  • Dashboard
  • Online Payment services
  • Return Management
  • Invoice Management

  • Payroll Services.

    Cloud Based Biometric Payroll System
  • It is Wi-Fi & Cloud-based device
  • It is easy to configure
  • Integration with any other application is simple as API will be provided by us.